Sabana Grande Community and Economic Development, Inc. (SACED) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the federal government. It was founded in 2010 by community leaders having the goal of providing a development tool for the people of Sabana Grande and Puerto Rico's southwest region.

One of SACED's initial projects was the formation of a coalition for the prevention of substance use and abuse among youth 18 and younger. The resulting Sabana Grande Coalition for the Prevention of Substances Use and Abuse (COMPASS) was founded in 2012, and immediately started a formation program for community leaders and another for identifying strategies for prevention campaigns to be jointly conducted with the local government's Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration (ASSMSCA).

After two years working in the community, upon ASSMSCA's suggestion, SACED received funds from the federal Drug-Free Communities Support Program and became COMPASS' fiscal agent.

SACED has been a regional facilitator, offering several community services that include:

       ► Leader of Hurricane Maria Relief Group for Puerto Rico's southwest region.

       ► Providing meeting-conference rooms for community groups and other civic, educational, sports, cultural and safety entities.

       ► Providing space for small businesses and fine arts workshops.

       ► Hosting a Science, Mathematics, and Technology Center -- with chemistry, physics and biology laboratories for middle and high school students. It also includes tutoring on these subjects.

       ► Offering youth workshops based on the "Youth Empowerment Model", facilitating critical thinking skills and analysis of the issues affecting their lives and environment.

       ► Contributing to the nourishment of some 500 elderly in need.

       ► Organizing and supporting sports, social, cultural, and educational activities.

       ► Providing technical assistance on other community organizations' financial and administrative concerns.

       ► Assisting in the formation of community prevention coalitions, some of them already operating in San German, Lajas, Cabo Rojo and Guanica.

Recently, SACED's headquarters have also become the operations center for the Sabana Grande Collaborative Recovery Group after Hurricane Maria and for the Citizens' Safety Committee. Its offices have served as a receiving point for material aid sent from the diaspora and distributed by local volunteers.





Sabana Grande Community and Economic Development, Inc.
Corporación para el Desarrollo Comunitario y Económico de Sabana Grande, Inc.
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